Beautiful enchanting park

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Beautiful enchanting park €8
Beautiful enchanting park €8
Beautiful enchanting park €8
Beautiful enchanting park €8
Beautiful enchanting park €8
  • Prices are expressed by hour and per person
  • Available at the price of €8/hour /person
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  • Available at special prices

In an enchanting setting of more than 7000m2, come and enjoy the absolute calm in a beautiful green setting.
Fenced, flowered and shady park, tall trees, fruit trees, palm trees, and ornamental essences make this privileged environment a delight just a stone's throw from Avignon...
Beyond the park, on the edge of a pretty river, a small undergrowth is at your disposal to recharge, meditate, or simply walk around...
Yoga workshops, Chi-Kong or others are welcome!!! A nature break, full of zenitude...
A swimming pool surrounded by laurels and olive trees is there for a moment of freshness and relaxation....
On the occasion of a family reunion, a baptism, a wedding, a birthday, a starting pot, an after-work, a barbecue party, wedding photos..... Don't hesitate to contact us...
Rates vary depending on the service.
Flexible and happy to receive you, we remain at your heart to fulfill all your wishes.

For any booking request, please indicate:
- The date
- The number of people
- The start and end time (approximately) of the event
- The occasion (wedding, birthday...)

Rules & Conditions

Respect places and nature.
Leave the space clean as you found it.
Forbidden confetti.
Birthdays children (15 children in the pool)